Dec. 19, 2012


Happy holidays from Scott Aukerman, Paul Scheer, Matt Besser, Andrew Ti, the Sklar Brothers, Jon Daly, Brian Posehn & friends, David Huntsberger, Tig Notaro, Aaron Burrell, Har Mar Superstar, Reggie Watts, Elizabeth Laime, Andy Rosen, Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Kulap Vilaysack, Howard Kremer, Jeff Ullrich, & Team Earwolf!


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    This video makes me extremely happy, I can’t wait to see what Earwolf has in store in 2013.
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Scott Aukerman is an Emmy-nominated writer, but not an Emmy-nominated actor. He is a comedian and the creator of "the world's best comedy night," Comedy Bang Bang. He is the host of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast.

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