Nov. 26, 2012


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Attack of the Shits

Comedy Maestro Judd Apatow is here for his very first appearance on Comedy Bang Bang! 16 Year-Old Intern Marissa Wompler joins us as well for a discussion about inviting herself over Judd’s for a sleepover with his daughter Maude, his new film This Is 40, and his first time meeting Albert Brooks. Also, Judd lends an ear to Marissa’s recent incident during Spook Fest, talks about having his kids in his movies, and plays a game of Would You Rather? Plus, Graham Parker stops by to tell us about his reunion with the Rumour, how he got involved with Judd Apatow, and plays a song off his latest album “Three Chords Good.” Womp up the volume! Don’t forget to vote on the Comedy Bang Bang Best Of poll!

WOMP UP THE JAMZ with Marissa Wompler, Judd Apatow, and music from GRAHAM PARKER!

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    I am so excited to listen to this. It is my beacon of hope in all this Sherlockian despair.
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    WOMP UP THE JAMZ with Marissa Wompler, Judd Apatow, and music from GRAHAM PARKER!
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