Nov. 19, 2012


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Finger Chimes

Academy Award-winner Nat Faxon reveals his most secret pain on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Special co-host/DJ Forsythia drops by to bring up listenership to her late night radio show, lifts spirits by playing some of her favorite songs, and tells us about the struggles of becoming a woman at the age of 14. Also, Nat describes the premise of the show Ben and Kate, shares the truth behind Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That,” and talks about his pet collection. Plus, Forsythia has something to tell her mother during a game of Would You Rather?

Thanksgiving has come early! Feast away!

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    I forgot to reblog the CBB pictures this week, but don’t you think I didn’t enjoy the episode
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    True fact: whenever Lennon Parham appears on a podcast, a puppy’s congenital heart condition is magically healed.
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    Thanksgiving has come early! Feast away!
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