Nov. 5, 2012


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Pop and Politics

Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari returns for today’s special election episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Aziz talks about the inspiration behind his tour Buried Alive, the cast on Parks & Rec, and being scared of Gout. Bob Odenkirk, Mike Hanford, and Neil Campbell stop by to reunite with Scott as the political parodists The Washington Monugents to tickle some ribs and kick out some topical jams. Also joining us is political commentator Pat Buchanan who tells us his feelings on this election and plays a game of Would You Rather?

Aziz! Odenkirk! Adomian! Neil Campbell! The Birthday Boys’ Mike Hanford! ELECTION SPECIAL!!!!!

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    The best part of when James Adomian is on the show is you can hear his out of character laugh before his character comes...
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    Looking forward to getting home and firin’ up the ol’ iTunes!
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    Guys, this episode is fantastic all around. Aziz is a great, chummy sport who is hilarious throughout, and plays a great...
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    Aziz! Odenkirk! Adomian! Neil Campbell! The Birthday Boys’ Mike Hanford! ELECTION SPECIAL!!!!!
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